breaveheart and shivamovic

We deserve sunshine

 me and breaveheart

 Ola and shivamocic

assuming she is pretty,
as we have appreciated in her last piece: ”carrying Cassandra until the end”.
assuming I’m disturbed,
as we have noticed in my last piece: ”unfilled”.
from here we start,
assuming I’m pretty as we have appreciated in my last piece: unfilled
assuming she is disturbed as we have noticed in her last piece: ”carrying Cassandra until the end.”
from here they start.
you may call her shivamocic
you may call her breaveheart
this is the story of an encounter
where super heroines use to have back pain and spots.
the youngest has blue eyes
the oldest, on the other hand, has eyes blue but sometimes green.

the super heroin’s piece has been developed following few main strategies: potential danger, displacement of solos materials, other way round creation process,obsessive documentation.
In order to feed their creative process they also developed practices of passions and violence such as teaching to each-other their own master piece recipes, meet their pets and take a boat to cross the river.

white bones wait!

here we are

wash your face and get on your feet

oh jesus

I’m leaving you

oh god

oh god



never leave me again

forever upside down
this is extremely interesting
I don’t have any problem with god

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