shivamovic interviewed by breaveheart

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Ninetta is running thoughtlessly .

We are lost in truck land.

I consider my works accomplished after  the first rehearsal.
I don’t want audience to become aware of anything. you know.
I feel very stupid editing this.
Let’s make this interview as long as possible
I’m inspired by my family.
Mum is a producer,
dad is a scenographer,
Brother organizes sounds material,
Sister is a dramaturg,
it’s a total bore.
Braveheart is a new member of family.
the Piece  consists of  four parts and three characters :
-Braveheart (playing Braveheart) ,
-Ninetta (wearing cat’s mask)
– me (in policeman costume adapted to shivamovich).
We are shifting roles all the time.
Braveheart becomes shivamovich, I become Braveheart, Ninetta in policeman costume, Braveheart wearing cat mask  and so on…
I used to care about embodiment, now I’m a blogger.
 We are an imperfect family. It’s imperfect because it’s real. you know…The line between perfect and imperfect is very subtle.
In perfection imperfection is contained.
Breaveheart is master of imperfection.
Ninetta lives in an imperfect World. She doesn’t have money and can not afford  to buy organic dog food from Brio.
My life and my work are strongly connected. As performer I’m currently looking for happiness.  With Braveheart we are trying to have great fun while performing. This is our strategy. we also want to make money. shame on us.
Orgasmic state  is maintained for such an extended length of time that it becomes unpleasant. How to stretch time without breaking my orgasms? what is a performative orgasm? 
How to do not lose lighters in the pockets – this is very important, it could  change the quality of your life
Yes,Braveheart enters the space  with mermaid costume, a post contemporary mermaid carrying bombs.
With these bombs she is destroying the Theater.
Ninetta is taking care of the audince, yes ….she  is biting them…but just to lead them toward the emergency exit.
I enter into the truck and  I scream: – everybody jump in!  after they jump, we leave Theater by truck.
Alternative version :
Ninetta, Truck and Emergency Exits are projected on back wall, integrated with space, audience forget that this image is not real. Confusion with what is real and what is fake. Ninetta is running thoughtlessly , truck is coming toward audience and green exits are just flashing.
I drive  a bike  instead of a truck, Braveheart is fixing a second bike during the whole piece.
At the end of the show I can carry  on my bike and rescue at least 15 people  .
Huge trucks and little balloons.
we enter in to the trucks, balloons are entering in to us, I mean balloon’s air.
At the end Braveheart won’t sing  a song.
if we forgot someone we would come back to pick him up at the end of  next show.

Breaveheart interviewed by Shivamovic

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I feel very confused,

so, characters are many but one.

they recognize themselves by colours.

feeling by nose

touching by lever

seeing by coccyx

smelling by ears

they have a specific space, confort zones where they feel safe, sometimes they get out of this places and risk their life in front of the audience. brave performers.

lot of layers:

pink one is talking with black one, pink is taking off her pink skirt , undert that he has a black skirt. black one is confused.

they become other characters all the time.

they don’t have any skin, that’s why they are wearing so many clothes, otherwise they would fall apart.

my goal is to do not kill myself after the show and also to do not lead audience to commit suicide.

rainbow today wanted to commit suicide,

doçe de worm wants to suicide itself in the rainbow.

each character produces a specific animal cry

rabbit is special, he has some problems, he actually is a rabbit in the body of a cat.


there will be a collage of the most cheesy and romantic songs ever, just to emphasize the dramaturgy of the love encounter.

the love story will be projected in the mirror of the theatre’s toilet .

so one goes to the toilet , he sees himself into the mirror and his image is totally integrated with the love story.

ones a woman fell in love in that toilet. she is still there

audience is very active, they can vote ,scream and follow the emergency exit.

.dream a little dream of me.

there are these two porno dolls without holes,

pornoola is giving her organs to pornovale. not orgasm, organs.

once upon a time they were real, then industrial production came and they started to be multiplied .

at the beginning they had no holes, just organs. no holes no orgasm.

now they are old fashion.

breaveheart and shivamovic

We deserve sunshine

 me and breaveheart

 Ola and shivamocic

assuming she is pretty,
as we have appreciated in her last piece: ”carrying Cassandra until the end”.
assuming I’m disturbed,
as we have noticed in my last piece: ”unfilled”.
from here we start,
assuming I’m pretty as we have appreciated in my last piece: unfilled
assuming she is disturbed as we have noticed in her last piece: ”carrying Cassandra until the end.”
from here they start.
you may call her shivamocic
you may call her breaveheart
this is the story of an encounter
where super heroines use to have back pain and spots.
the youngest has blue eyes
the oldest, on the other hand, has eyes blue but sometimes green.

the super heroin’s piece has been developed following few main strategies: potential danger, displacement of solos materials, other way round creation process,obsessive documentation.
In order to feed their creative process they also developed practices of passions and violence such as teaching to each-other their own master piece recipes, meet their pets and take a boat to cross the river.

white bones wait!

here we are

wash your face and get on your feet

oh jesus

I’m leaving you

oh god

oh god



never leave me again

forever upside down
this is extremely interesting
I don’t have any problem with god