Ola Osowicz- Patrick K.-H.- Oleg Makarov


The project encourages intercultural dialogue by exchanging  visions and methodologies through the work. The fusion of diverse minds belonging to different cultures might give unexpected results which it would be difficult to reach otherwise. The final act will be the result of the collision and interaction of artists representing different fields and different ways to perceive and use art. One important condition to make this happen is the possibility to meet  each others and work together for a reasonable amount of time.

2 performers/dancers: Aleksandra Osowicz (PL), Valentina Parlato (IT)
2 media artists: Patrick K.-H.(RU) , Oleg Makarov (RU)

Method: The project will be approached through three perspectives:

Bodily Practices: Bodily practices are aiming at preparing the body to swiftly change and/or become equally aware of the imaginary and the real, allowing the performer to engage himself in a dialogue between the, imagined and actual, thought of and sensed, or blur the lines between them

Image Work: The aim is to recognize the shifts in bodily presences caused by thoughts,incentives desires and intentions, and create a choreographic structure. The goal is therefore to bring on stage a continuously transforming body, that expands beyond its known literal meaning construction.

Soundscape: The microphones and amplifiers aim at capturing the movement and body. They are a tool for bringing the inner to the outside, and amplifying the unseen functions of the body. And other way around – bringing outside to the inside and and thus control the course of actions.

There is a wish to capture the thoughts and intentions into a choreographed landscape of images. The aim of the project is to intertwine movement practices and live video work/live music to create a journey leading under the surface of the what is visible, and thus to expand the body ‘as we know it’ into a network of unfamiliar potentialities.

The project would result in a full-evening presentation, that would combine visual arts practices with performance art, designing its own space for presentation, yet working with live bodies and actions.

Premiere: 12th of October, Avant Art Festival, Wrocław.

nice to friction you

fot_roland_okon_20131013_0877-1024x682 fot_roland_okon_20131013_0904-1024x682               fot_valentina_parlato_proces-1024x679

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