Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants terribles is a collective of international artists who land in Sicily, in groups of three, several times a year with the support of the tides and the chemtrails. Their main interest is to barter their treasures with those of the island and return home with the salt in the hair and an exhausted heart.

The operating mode of the collective unfolds in the following way: at the same time to the workshops offered to the local community, Les Enfants will develop a performance project in which the prior interests merge with the ones arising in contact with the community. The project is presented in Palermo in a form of first study and then it will be deepened and developed through a process of artistic residencies within the European community.

photo by Francesco Bellina
Photo credit Francesco Bellina


The mobile laboratory of choreography and performance practices is open to dancers, actors and performers, amateurs and professionals eighteen years of age. It is a performative gym aimed at identifying the participant’s artistic urgencies while encouraging the development of an authorial identity.

General Goals:

going to class like going to the cinema_ saying things out of your body_ loving a little_ burning the teachings_ becoming independent from judgment_ pluralizing individuality_ traveling in time_ observing and articulating our political posture_ kissing_ arguing_ expanding the possibilities and the modalities through which we understand our daily choices_ changing point of view_ liquifying matter (to sweat)_ don’t be afraid of dying, anytime we’ll do I do not mind_ using the tools acquired in the studio in everyday life_ generating new codes_ suspending and exploding_ becoming invisible_ celebrating many things such as the spaces between the categories-stretch marks and scars-the gods of our time-the free will-habits and obsessions.


The artists in residence have the possibility to focus on a new project that will be presented in palermo as a first studio and further developed in other artistic residencies within the European community. We believe that Palermo represents a great location to give birth to a new work, mostly because of two reasons: first, most of audience is not familiar with performance art and  this puts the artists in a very challenging position; second, there are not fully equipped studios for performance and this lack can be used by artists in residence to improve their ability to make magic despite the hostile working condition. 

First session      
Second session

Any  questions?    letlesenfants@gmail.com

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