First session

Artists in residence: Giuseppe vincent Giampino and Oneka Von Schrader

When: from the 2nd to the 21st of October 2014

Where: Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, Palermo

WORKSHOP OF CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE PRACTICES               (G.V.Giampino/ O.V. Schrader/ V.Parlato and the workshop’s paticipants)/  WE WOULD BE AMAZING IF WE WOULD BE BETTER, first studio ( G.V.     Giampino / O.V. Schrader)

Presentation of final performance: ”Panda express – lotion for the intimate area”  Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam

In PANDA EXPRESS -lotion for the intimate area- Oneka von Schrader and Giuseppe V. Giampino are exploring the theater as a fictional space where not avoiding theatrical means allows beauty and disgust to inform each other´s inherent disappearance.

Who are Les Enfants Terribles?

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