Second session

Artists in residence: Fabritia D’Intino and Riccardo Guratti

When: from the 8th to the 23rd of October 2014

Where: Villa Pantelleria, Palermo

WORKSHOP OF CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE PRACTICES  (F. D’Intino/ R.Guratti/ V.Parlato and the workshop’s paticipants)

 LOVE ATTEMPTS first studio ( Riccardo Guratti in collaboration with F. D’intino and V.Parlato)

Rehearsal in Amsterdam

DSC00006 DSC00004 DSC00005

Presentation of final performance : ”Love Attempts, an Italian performance made by italians”, Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam.

“Love attempts” investigates love in a wide understanding and is an open space used as a playground for love to be in. How do we express what we love? Does what we love represent us? Is the way you perceive me the way that I think I am? Desperately looking for a charming identity, we mix desires, fascinations, idols, personal stories and needs, which brings us into a tense, ridiculous and pretentious orgy of love attempts.
Playing between the borders of perceptions, representations and identities, “Love Attempts” becomes an intimate space with a hidden camera inside of it; it is our teenager room, it is our bathroom moment when we sing in front of the mirror with all our true fake desires.

Who are Les Enfants Terribles?

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