I wanted to make a ritual, it became a practice and, then, a performative act.

In October 2011 forum dança asked me, as a student of PEPCC, to create a solo to be presented in November in Espaço Alkantara, Lisbon.

The work in its actual shape is the result of a ritual I’ve been practicing everyday for two months.

by performing this ritual I’m exploring three different states, starting from the concept of body-identity and traveling, in the space in between, until the perception of what I call a body territory, a collective, crossable and sharable space.

The aim of the ritual is to rich this place of grace.

Score ( x 3) :

Entering the space; Do not take any position; Mapping ; Don’t be anyone; Propositional; Little sparrow don’t go away; And yet it does move; Stay idiot; Don’t do it; Snow plough; Precipitator; Still idiocy; Dichotomy means three or more; Refrigeration; Marinating; Drying up; Fenia; He who finds, finds; Talk and badge; Out of mouth; Accordati, Di grazia.

Descriptive text

Unfilled is a piece that deals with a desire of selflessness, it is constructed on top of three sentences:

-this is the body I have any part of the body of my friend;

-this is the body I offer you or all you can eat;

-this is the body I forgot or I see you later in my body;

it is moved by many questions such as:

Does my body own the physical paradigma to embrace this three very different statements?

May I leave the body alone?

May I trust it everything? Letting the meanings coming out of the skin’s pores, may I leave it there? Somewhere over the judgment? Without any mission, dress, trick, just it, not a pure one, not an impure one. A body without a previous adjective, may I? Or should I say can I?

May I decorporize myself by going deeply into corporality?

”may I talk about cables on the floor and micro holes on the wall’?”

may I talk about tiny things? don’t let them go, paying attention, accomplishing the tasks, while I’m tidily swimming to save my life….?

It is nourished by several moving images such as:

deixar sair, fastening, exceeding, joining, exaggerating, unknowing, planting myself, raising myself, contemplating, escaping, trembling, grasping, wanting myself, not delegating, not realizing, letting the organs resting in themselves, drowning them into the stomach, breathing them.

It is also supported during its whole length by this subplot concept :

I’m an idiot full of grace, I’m an idiot full of grace, I’m an idiot full of grace and this is my mantra.

Unfilled is a triptych for a female dancer that is meant to be performed 6 times for a total duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The audience is invited to enter the theatre at the end of the third time and is invited to stay for 45 minutes, until the end of the performance.

Unfilled is a life container, a lost and found artistic place, a courageous wish to make coincide contents and form, by building a ritual through a ritual.

It ‘s an attempt to develop three different political postures: the one of a split body that can contain more than one identity, the one of an in-between -body that is not mine or either yours, that is mutating, that is becoming, that is in transit and, finally, the one of a collective body that moves itself just as reactor, that can be crossed so it exists, that is magma and bacillus, that doesn’t have any antivirus.

concept, choreography and performance: Valentina Parlato duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes ( 45minutes without audience and 45 minutes with audience in) dramaturgical advise: Maricò Lo Bosco light advise: Thomas Walgrave credits: Miguel Pereira, Paola Stella Minni, Marcella Valentina Mancini Photo credit: Ola Osowicz support: Forum Dança, Lisbon  performed in: Espaço Alkantara, November 2011, Lisbon; Ponto de Encontro, April 2012, Lisbon; Alkantara Festival parallel program, June 2012, Lisbon.